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Fast fashion is past fashion - A new collaboration with EarthToday

Fast fashion is past fashion - A new collaboration with EarthToday


Sustainable clothing brand Unrobe and purpose driven platform EarthToday partnered up to achieve and create awareness about the 17 SDG’s, the state of fashion and to protect planet earth. 



The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, after oil. Since the introduction of fast fashion in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, our way of consumption and production has completely changed in a negative way for people and environment. Someone or something will eventually pay the price of this behaviour and this has to stop.


The use of chemicals and pesticides to grow cotton crops, the release of micro plastics in our rivers and oceans, the high carbon emissions, polluted water of textile dyeing and the ever growing waste belt have major consequences on the environment. Besides that, factory workers are exploited every day. Collapsing factories, unhealthy working environments, under payment, working days of 20 hours are a daily consequence of our ridiculous behaviour in clothing consumption. We need to radically rethink our way of consumption and production to ensure the survival of the planet.  


Unrobe - Dressing people by undressing the industry 

Unrobe is a - 2 times award winning - sustainable clothing brand, based in Amsterdam. Its mission? Dressing people by undressing the industry. Unrobe liberates the fashion industry from these bad habits. That means clothing made from sustainable fabrics under the highest certifications and ethical production in premium factories close to home, in Portugal. But also, Unrobe minimises waste in the production processes, shows full transparency in the production chain and creates timeless designs made for the long haul. Unrobe even has a repair service in order to extend the lifecycle of their products. All of these aspects help to improve the fashion industry, step by step.  



EarthToday is on a mission to increase awareness on the state of the planet and accelerate nature protection meter by meter. EarthToday’s aim is to contribute to the global goal of protecting 30% of nature in the next decade (and 50% by 2050). They increase the funds for nature protection, by connecting it to people's daily interactions with brands. Participating brands reward their loyal customers with m2 of protected nature. With every protected m2, EarthToday’s accredited overseas nature protection partners protect a m2 of nature on the EarthToday community members behalf. EarthToday’s community of changemakers can virtually visit their protected m2 on the sustainability driven content hub


A partnership aiming for a better fashion industry

The transition to sustainable fashion goes too slow, according to Daan Ubachs, founder of Unrobe. “Sustainability will be the standard in the fashion industry in 10 to 15 years, but this transition must be accelerated to ensure the people and planets health”. In order to accelerate the SDG’s set by the United Nations, Unrobe and EarthToday teamed up. Unrobe is founding partner of Earth Today and creates awareness about the state of fashion on the platform and helps to accelerate the protection of planet earth. ‘We’re happy about the collaboration with Unrobe and that they’re focusing on the fashion content of the platform’, Danielle Jiskoot says, content partnership manager EarthToday. Unrobe curates relevant and interesting content about the state of fashion which are in line with one of the 17 SDG’s. Visitors of EarthToday are able to easily gain knowledge on sustainable subjects of their interest.  


"We are delighted and proud that we’ve partnered up with EarthToday to protect the planet earth and to create awareness about the state of fashion”, says Daan Ubachs. “It’s nice to join forces with likeminded brands, companies and organisations in order to improve the fashion industry and the state of the planet”, Daan Ubachs continues. "Only together we can improve the fashion industry".


The brand new Autumn / Winter 2020 collection of Unrobe is online now. Inspired by nature, made from nature, for nature. Visit to check it out and to contribute to a better fashion industry.