Code of conduct

Our factory in Portugal assumes the commitment to the following principles of Social Responsibility:

  • Child Labour: it does not use nor admits the use of child labour, which means, minors. The term “minor” refers to a person who is less than 16 years old of age.
  • Forced and Compulsory Labour: it does not use nor admits the use of forced or compulsory labour; whether through a physical imposition by threats or other forced methods, it does not make any kind of pressure or retention of identity documents
  • Health and Safety: it ensures its collaborators a safe and healthy workplace. It promotes the compliance with the standards of safety, health and hygiene at the workplace and it requires that its suppliers and subcontractors also ensure a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Freedom of Association: it recognises and respects the right of the collaborators to the freedom of association and representation, according to their freely expressed will and without pressures.
  • Non-discrimination: it condemns any and every form or practice of discrimination in its partners and towards its collaborators, on the basis of their race, skin colour, gender, age, lity, nationa disability, sexual orientation, social or ethnic, origin, political affiliation or religion.
  • Disciplinary practices: it ensures its collaborators the respect of their dignity and condemns any type of abuse or harassment of physical, sexual, physiological or verbal.
  • Working hours: it ensures the compliance with the working hours and the overtime compensation according to the applicable law, fostering and encouraging its suppliers and subcontractors to do the same, complying with the law in force.
  • Remuneration: it recognises that the salary is essential for meeting the basic needs of the collaborators and it ensures all the remunerations legally established, requiring that its suppliers and subcontractors practice fair salaries according to the law in force.
  • Legal Requirements: comply with national and international legislation and regulations applicable to their activity, including the Conventions of the International Labour Organization and United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the requirements of the SA 8000 standard.
  • Environment: it promotes the adoption of the measures necessary for the protection of the environment and it leads all its activities according to the legal requirements regarding the environmental protection, promoting environmental management practices in its suppliers and subcontractors..
  • Local Community: it assumes the commitment to support initiatives of social, educational and environmental character, promoted internally or in partnership with external institutions, leading to a fairer society and promoting a close proximity with the local community.

Our factory reaffirms its engagement with the Policy of Social Responsibility and assumes the commitment to regularly review its performance, defining strategies that ensure its full compliance, evaluating and disseminating its performance in the area of Social Responsibility to the different stakeholders.