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Sustainability is the future

Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world? Did you know that producing a garment uses a lot of chemicals, water and CO2? Did you know that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean in 2050? And did you know that unsold stock is burned or sent to landfill every second? Enough to fill two Empire State Buildings per day. It’s time for change, isn’t it?
The brand name - Unrobe - is our mission. Dressing people by undressing the industry. We put sustainability at the core of our business. In everything we do we consider our planet, because we love it, just like you. We believe that we can inspire people and businesses to become part of a revolution. It’s about time we stand up against the madness going on in the fashion industry. We invest in fabrics, production facilities and processes, timeless design and packing. We always look for new developments and opportunities, step by step. 
The falling fig leaf logo symbolizes the mission of Unrobe to dress people by undressing the industry. Our current system of production and consumption needs to change. By wearing the falling fig leaf you represent and embrace the values of Unrobe to improve the fashion industry. 
The only materials we use are made from organic cotton (GOTS) or recycled materials (GRS). Our factory is GOTS certified meaning the complete supply chain is sustainable and ethical, from the farmer growing the crops to the factory where the products are produced. 

We are against the use of animal based fibers for our clothing. We don't think animals need to suffer for our clothes, so we are not using any animal fibers for our yarns and clothing.
Our circular laundry and dye house are placed next to a kiwi plantation.
Can it get any greener? All waste water is filtered and pumped back into the Portugese water system. Meaning no environmental impact on our washes.  
Organic cotton of the highest certification (GOTS) doesn’t allow to use any chemicals nor pesticides which makes it safe for the environment and the farmers. It saves around 70% to 90% of water usage. All processes in the chain are audited and checked carefully. 
So far we've saved! And counting....
Minimizing our CO2 footprint by producing close to our selling market. We don’t use any vessel or plane for our transportation. Only trucks.
Which saves a lot!
We repair defects on your Unrobe garment in order to extend the lifetime of your T-shirt or sweater. This is our guarantee.

Our factory is SA 8000 certified. That means that the factory is following a social accountability management system that is approved by this organisation. This helps workers to work in a safe working environment and to work for living wages with a maximum of hours per day. 
This certificate can be checked at (certification number 2019/RS.0039.